Employment as Best Business



Employment has been called many names- selling labour, slavery under a boss, selling blood, working
for peanuts. But what is the financial relationship between owners of business and their employees?
Who makes how much money in the business relationship?
This training helps employed people realize that they are indeed partners in the companies they work
for, providing time and energy for financial returns perhaps higher than the owners of the businesses.
Employees are in the labor business while owners are in the business that provides the job.

Training Outline:

1. Your personal Mission
a. What’s your purpose
b. What’s your talent(s)
c. What’s your career path
d. What’s your passion
2. Employees categories
3. Education investment cost
4. How much time do you invest at work?
5. Money making linkages
6. The Art of prudent spending
7. The guarded secret about money
8. The success Model

Training outcomes

1. Staff will experience a paradigm shift in employment perspective
2. There will be more commitment to work due to transformative perspective

3. Personal finances will be safe guarded better than before
4. There will more clarity between work goals and personal goals

This is a one day training. However, it can be split into two half days without losing continuity. It is
based on rapid learning techniques.
It is best delivered in small groups of 20 people. It is better delivered in-house for associative comfort.
Charges are Ksh 80,000 per group per day as training fees. Training material costs and meals are
provided by your company. A free copy of a guide book “ Why Employment is the Best Business” will
be given to each staff member attending the training.
A free introductory presentation can be made to the HR department staff for 30 minutes where two
preferred topics are chosen from the basket of training topics above.
For companies whose training schedules are tight, this training can be distilled into a two hour guest
trainer talk, presented to staff and slotted in within the regular training programs for the company. If this
choice is adopted, the HR will choose the topics desirable from the outline above that fits the two hours
of presentation timeframe. The charges for this option will be Ksh 1,000 per staff member, accompanied
by a free book “Why Employment is the Best Business”


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