• Products development, marketing and credit administration
  • Staff capacity building
  • Financial education trainers training and certification for GFEP
  • Village based financial education trainers

We give talks to small groups of colleagues, friends or chamas on the following themes:

  • How to identify money making opportunities
  • How to craft money making deals
  • How to manage debt
  • How to maximise on employment
  • Cash management systems
  • Best investment strategies
  • Entrepreneurship while in employment
  • Managing business systems and controls

We encourage short sessions of between 3 and 6 hours

  • Small holder farmers financial literacy
  • Financial literacy campaigns
  • Entrepreneurship for micro and small enterprises
  • Savings and loans groups formation
  • Curriculum development training
  • Product development and marketing training
  • Strategic planning training


Some of the training engagements our associates have undertaken are:

  • Financial Sector Deepening (FSD)-Financial Education Partnership (FEP)-Microfinance Opportunities (MFO): Public Service in Kenya Master Trainers of Trainers.
  • Financial Sector Deepening (FSD)-Financial Education Partnership (FEP)-Microfinance Opportunities: Curriculum Development and Adaptation training for public servants in Kenya.
  • Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSD Trust): Kirinyaga Farmers Sacco product development and marketing training for managers.
  • Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA): Financial training for farmers groups. Research and product development for financial institutions.
  • WOCCU: Sacco staff training. Training of consultants in research and product development, credit management, credit policies and procedures.
  • Association of Ethiopia Microfinance Institutions(AEMFI) training of trainers in product development
  • Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC)-Cooperative Bank(Coop): Financial empowerment through member based organization (FEMO) product development training.
  • European Union (EU)-Micro Enterprise Support Programme Trust (MESPT)-Fineline Systems Management: Product development training for MFIs, SACCOs and FSA in Small and Micro Enterprise programme (ASMEP).
  • Kenya Rural Saccos Societies union (KERUSSU): Training saccos on credit administration, risk management and market analysis.
  • Government Training Institute (GTI-EMBU): Strategic Planning training.
  • AFC Consultants International-European Investment bank (EIB): Training of village based trainers for rural self help groups financial literacy campaign pilot program.
  • Peak Performance International: Several open forum trainings on Wealth Creation. Training of their corporate clients staff as consulting trainer ( 8 different companies at different times).
  • Faulu Microfinance: Trainers training for borrowing groups training.
  • Motivational speaking and mentorship on entrepreneurship and money to several organizations staff- Adra Somalia, VSO Jitolee, Plan International, Rotary international, Capital FM, Apex communication, university students on NSE/Smart youth Investment challenge, Senior Exit(SENNEX) mentorship for United States International university (USIU) graduating classes.