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Welcome to Financial Education Centre (KEFEC), the one stop learning centre for Financial Education in the East Africa region.

We are a company registered in Kenya to offer Financial Education to employees, business people, entrepreneurs, and practitioners in financial and micro-finance institutions serving the MSME sector.

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  • Liquidity Farming: How the poor cultivate relationships to create sources of future cash

    Poor people tend to engage in many schemes to make money materialize. These may be income-generating activities, such as farming, trading, artisanal work or laboring for others. They may be investment activities, such as buying a cow that produces daily milk, or a piece of land that they expect will rise in value. But a

    February 3, 2022
  • Everyday Financial Alchemy: How the poor make money appear on cue

    We often talk about the financial needs of the poor. But we really should be talking about their financial concerns. The purpose of finance is not just to help make ends meet, but to create a sense of opportunity and provide peace of mind. To that end, poor people´s financial concerns revolve mainly around making

    September 22, 2016
  • “Money is NOT Everything” A fact or sore grapes?

    The statement “Money is not everything” and its sister “there are other more important things than money” are common. They are often used by two sets of people: the rich and the poor. They summarize results of an intensive pursuit of money. The rich, having made lots of money, realize that there are other more

    September 22, 2016
  • A Funeral and Money Management Lessons – The Poor Can Teach

    A year ago today, I lost a nephew, John Gachoka. He was 33 years old. As it is our tradition, my family met to make burial arrangements. We drew a tentative funeral budget of $1,870 all expenses inclusive. John worked in a factory earning a salary of $94 a month ($3 a day). He lived

    September 22, 2016