• Research, surveys and studies in social-economic development field
  • Financial products development
  • Business development services and capacity building
  • Financial education curriculum development and adaptation
  • Financial models and systems design
  • Responsible finance monitoring and evaluation
  • Business plans development and evaluation
  • Small businesses experiential counselling and judging
  • Youth programs design and implementation
  • Self Help Groups (SHG) formation and capacity building
  • Small holder farmers capacity building
  • Strategic planning workshops coordination


Our associates have a combined consultancy experience spanning over 15 years
serving various local and international organizations. Some of the engagements are:

  • CITI- IPA Financial Capability Study: Measuring impact on financial education
    in Kenya using Randomised Control Test (RCT): Kenya Financial Education
    Centre and Nairobi City County implementing the study: “SMS Reminders for
    Savings for Nairobi City County staff”.
  • Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSD Trust)-SACCO Fund: Kirinyaga Farmers
    Sacco designing of savings and lending products, carrying out marketing audit
    and developing strategic marketing plan
  •  AFC Consultants International (AFCI)-European Investment Bank (EIB)
    curriculum adaptation for rural self help groups for a pilot program in
    financial literacy campaign.
  •  MicroSave Consulting: Finance Sudan-MicroAfrica: Research and product
    development in voluntary saving.
  •  TechnoServe Kenya: Girl effect, Young Entrepreneurs programs Experiential
    Business and Business Plans competition judging.
  •  MicroSave Consulting-KWFT DTM: Research and product development in
    water and sanitation.
  •  Financial Sector Deepening-MicroSave-Equity Group Foundation-
    Microfinance Opportunities (MFO): Financial literacy and Entrepreneurship
    project (training need analysis and curriculum development).
  •  Financial Sector Deepening-WOCCU SACCO Cap: Product development and
    credit administration.
  • Essence International Ltd-Musoni microfinance: Product development.
  • Emerging Africa Capital Ltd (EmAC):Development of Shari’a sacco in Kenya.
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya-Sacco Managers Forum: Paper on “The Role of Financial Cooperatives in the Vision 2030”.
  • WYLDE International: Research, IT and youth programmes development Services.
  • Dheer Trading Co. Ltd: National distribution of Eco-Makaa briquettes strategy formulation and implementation.
  • Equity Bank: Market Research and Product Development, marketing and staff development. Research focus was in agricultural sector small holder farmers in tea, coffee, horticulture, sugar, rice, cereals, livestock. Also, small and medium enterprises.
  • Family Bank: Market Research and Product Development that entailed developing new product concepts, rolling out, monitoring and evaluating pilot tests for new products. In addition, training staff on research and product development.