Facing Life Challenges Head-On

Facing Life Challenges Head-On

by John Gitau


The insights to people’s challenges and how to bravely tackle them.


This guidebook contains hardline information on how to courageously meet life’s inevitable challenges. The difference between people is not that some encounter challenges while others don’t. No, everybody is vulnerable to challenges; some small others major. What distinguishes people is their internally driven ability to walk over challenges no matter how huge or overwhelming. That ability rides on one thing: choice.

You will learn among other things:

  • how too face ill-health
  • How to overcome money problems
  • How to get over moodiness and negative emotions
  • How to deal with fake friends
  • How to develop faith in yourself and God
  • Hoe to tackle bereavement within the famiy
  • Hoe to keep secrets and the beauty of silence
  • How to influence people keeping yourself happy moos of the time
  • How to conquer undesirable habits
  • How to appreciate difference in people
  • How to manage relationships at work and remain happy and liked

Most of the insights in this book are unknown to many people. They come from the great teachers history has ever known and are given practical application through real and local examples bringing their teachings to life

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