How To Attract Moneyby John Gitau

The Practical Money Making Guide Book for all Readers.

This guidebook contains information that you can use to change your money life. While it contains knowledge that is ready to use, it is a ‘how to do’ guide book about money. It is written in line with the universal law that states ‘to receive, you must give first’. By reading this book, you have already given; therefore it’s just about receiving. Go ahead!

You will learn among other things:

  • What money is, deeper than just a medium of exchange
  • How to prepare your mind to see money
  • How to get money
  • How to prepare the mind to see opportunities of making money
  • How to use the power of your Subconscious Mind to make money
  • The Law of Attraction and its application to money

This information is not theoretical. I is pratical and easy to use. It is tested and tried and it works without fail, if you internalize through study.
Published the Kenya Financial Education Center