How To Get What You Want

How to get what you wantby John Gitau


Thoughts, the mind, feelings and action as receiving, are the ingredients that combine to give you what you want.

We know the facts around the four ingredients. But how do we combine them for effectiveness? This is what this guidebook explores and gives guidance on. Some people get what they want almost effortlessly even when they are unaware of the ingredients. They must be adhering to them and combining them rightly, obliviously. There are others who know about the ingredients and even how to combine them, but lack the patience needed to bring the results. This guidebook targets those unaware of the requirements and how to mix them to get what they want. With attention, they will understand the process and with action they will get the fruits. Learn:
• Who you really are
• The Self Concept
• Tools for tackling obstacles to what you want
• Mental and spiritual knowledge

This is an easy to read guidebook, with profound lessons that can simplify your life by showing you how to get what you want at all times. Important books by great authors have been referenced for your further reading on this field.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre
Nairobi Kenya