How To Handle Police, Lawyers, Courts and Prison Experiences

How To Handle Police, Lawyers, Courts and Prison ExperiencesBy John Gitau



Most of us come across police in the normal course of living. If you drive, you will often have brushes with traffic police. If you use public means, the public transport vehicles will once in a while be stopped by traffic police. Unless you have an issue of criminal nature, you are unlikely to encounter police officers from the DCI. But you will quite often see regular uniformed police on the beat.

As for lawyers, you could have some as your friends. The times you will need a lawyer officially will be when processing legal documents or have a matter in court. You will understand lawyers from the nature of interaction you have with them.

Many people do not have experience in courts. Courts are where matters in contention are adjudicated. Some matters will be civil in nature and others criminal. Courts are dreaded places and only patronized when it is absolutely necessary.

You may not know but many people experience prisons more than you can imagine. Not inside prison but around prisons. The thousand of people in prison get visited very day by friends and relatives who get to understand how prisons work, albeit from the outside. Only people jailed or remanded understand what prison life means. No one who cares wishes another prison life unless you are the victim.

Topics addressed are:

  • Understanding Police
  • De-constructing lawyers
  • How to behave in court
  • How to handle prison experience

It is important to learn what people go through so that in case you find yourself in the same circumstance you know how to handle. Being fore-warned is being fore-armed

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