How to Manage Business Better

How to Manage Business BetterBy John Gitau


A Guide For Small Businesses Owners


Most small businesses owners learn business the hard way through expensive mistakes. They have nobody to turn to for advice except their peers, who are not any better than them.

This guidebook addresses small businesses owners who desire to improve their businesses and can do with a little help in the form of knowledge, skills and insights. Most small business owners already know what is discussed in this guidebook but in bits and pieces.

Herein is a consolidation of the knowledge and insights in a form of a business guide. The topics addressed are:

  • The Primary Aim of Business
  • Business Management Guide
  • Business Owner Personal Development
  • How to Handle Customers
  • Cash Flow Management Simplified
  • Business Mistakes to Avoid

The business world is not short of information and knowledge. But it is only useful when packaged in an understandable and easy to apply way. Here is a useful guide.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre

Nairobi Kenya

Price Kshs


978 9966-132-63-5