How To Manage Debt Pressureby John Gitau

A Practicle Guide on How To Manage Debt Related Pressure and How to Get Out of Debt Faster.

This guidebook contains information that is radical and useful in managing debt pressure and solutions to indebtedness. It is a “how to” book and contains strategies that target the mind, creating stability and sharpness needed in getting out of debt.

You will learn among other things

  • How people get into debt
  • Why it is difficult to get out of debt for most people
  • The most powerful tool that is hardly ever used “The Close friend”.
  • Strategies of stability to handle debt
  • Easy to use techniques to apply in getting out of debt

The information in this book is pure knowledge and most of it has beed tested and proven as workable in debt management field. The authoe has incorporated new perspectives that border on paradigm thinking.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Center