How To See Money Making Opportunitiesby John Gitau

Learn how to develop mental eyes that see money making opportunities which majority don’t see.


This guidebook talks about money and how it is seen with the mental eyes. The very rich wonder how the strugglers don’t see see money that is everywhere waiting to be acquired. They harvest it where the rest see scarcity and poverty. The rich know that they know something the majority don’t but they wonder how they can teach it. The art of making money starts with developing the mind to see money making opportunities. It is difficult as this guidebook demonstrates. But you must want to make money. That way, you will learn the art of making money fast.


You will learn among other things

  • Thoughts and ideas
  • What mental eyes are
  • The different types of opportunities
  • The art of thinking
  • Investing and making money
  • How to enjoy wealth

What you will learn here is perhaps all you need on how to make money. The rest is just implementation.


Published by Kenya Financia Educational Centre

Nairobi Kenya

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