Insights on: LIFE AFTER DEATH from Psychic Mediums

Insights on: LIFE AFTER DEATH from Psychic Mediums
An attempt at understanding God, Spirit and Soul ideas, the planes of existence and what happens when we die.

This guidebook examines the known but vaguely understood concepts of God, Spirit and Soul. It brings a basic but clear understanding of the concepts and the contexts they are applied. For example, God is understood as an Intelligent Being and Force that creates everything visible and invisible. Spirit incarnates into a soul when it adopts a human body at conception. There are many planes of existence we call the afterlife, for spirit progression towards perfection and unity with Oneness. There is a purpose for spirits taking up bodies to experience the physical plane and learn certain pre-defined lessons.
Finally, our behavior on earth determines the sphere we join in the afterlife, ranging from the worst to the unimaginable excellent.
The topics are:
 Psychics and Mediums
 The God Idea
 Spirit, Soul and Body
 The 7 Planes of Existence
 What Happens When We Die
 The Ideal Earth life for Better Afterlife
Since the guidebook explains these ideas in an easy-to-understand way, it will open you to further and deeper exploration and research, as we have a large body of knowledge in this field in bookshops and the internet. You will find a list of recommended books at the end of the guidebook.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre
Nairobi Kenya