Investing Made Simpleby John Gitau

A Practical guide to investing, answering the questions: Who Invests, Why, Where and How.

This guidebook is an attempt to simplify investing. It contains basic facts about investors, why they invest, where they invest and how they invest. It goes to a bit of details about investment markets and their various products. By the end of reading, you will understand why it is important to know yourself before investing. That is where to start. Investments are vehicles that take you where you have defined as your destination. Imagine an 80 year old person investing in a volatile stock market for income to meet medical bills! What do you think will happen?

You will learn among other things

  • Factors that influence your investment decisions
  • Most common investment goals
  • Investment markets and their characteristics
  • Investment products and their characteristics
  • Best investing approaches and strategies

Be the best investor you can be for the highest returns on your investment as well as security on your investment capital.

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