Assorted little Things Every Adult Must Know.

I fell in love with the word combo the first time I saw it in a restaurant menu. When I checked out its meaning, I said to myself; what! What a beautiful word to mean an assortment. In the restaurant context, it was an assortment of delicacies, piled up in a large plate. Yummy could not describe the combination. It was beyond description.
It is for this reason that, when I conceived the idea of diverse knowledge from different fields, the word combo naturally popped up and assumed its place in support of this knowledge guidebook. I will assure you one thing without fear of contradiction or embarrassment; this is a good book with simple and relevant knowledge across several areas of human interest. It will appetize you in order to make you look for more, while leaving you satisfied. You know what ice cream does? You will be left with that sweet taste in the mouth when you finish reading it.

Topics covered are:
 Human Beings
 Education and Learning
 Religion and Spiritualism
 Money Management
 Family
 General Knowledge
If you like it, crown it, and with the impetus, inspiration for a bigger book will spring up.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre
Nairobi Kenya