Let’s Discuss money Making models

Let's Discuss Money Making ModelsBy John Gitau


There are many ways of making money. Most of the ways are structured as

models. Learn some of the most common models.

This guidebook discusses some of the most popular money making models. They are models, not because they are formal and structured methodologies, but because they are swathes and umbrellas representing thousands of money making opportunities in them that anyone desirous of making money is spoilt for choice.

The ability to make more money depends on how open we are to possibilities of making money from other models outside what we are used to. For example, a security guard might take more money home from the solicitation model than regular job. An employee might make more money through investing than from employment. A businessman might be losing money in the business model but

be making money from betting. You will learn how the following models work:

  • The Business Model
  • The Employment Model
  • The Solicitation Model
  • The Attention Model
  • The Investing Model
  • The Gambling Model

The exciting thrust in this discussion is the revelation of the characteristics of people who can make more money in each of the models. You will discover the potential of making money available to you, which you didn’t know and which you can embark on right away.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre

Nairobi Kenya

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