Our Approach on Financial Education

Financial Education teaches the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to adopt good money management practices for earning, spending, saving, borrowing and investing.


Financial Education builds financial stability and well being. It helps people to improve the management of their financial resources by learning financial concepts and developing skills and attitudes necessary in making informed financial decisions.


We teach Financial Education using the globally recognized curriculum known as Global Financial Education Program (GFEP) http://globalfinancialed.org. The Global Financial Education Program (GFEP) curriculum is unique. It is a tested training methodology which is dialogue based and learner centered. The training is built on the principles of adult learning, designed for rapid learning and accelerated behavior change. Learning is only evidenced by change in behavior and that is the main component of the GFEP training methodology. Its content is sound and profound principles of money management applicable to people of all categories who come into contact with financial resources.

Its Core curriculum areas are:

  1.  Budgeting-Use Money wisely
  2.  Saving-You Can Do It
  3.  Debt Management-Handle With Care
  4.  Investment-Turning savings into wealth
  5.  Bank services-know your options
  6.  Financial Negotiations-Communicate with confidence.

Its Specialized curriculum areas are:

  1. Young People – Your future, Your Money
  2. Remittances – Make The Most of Them
  3. Risk Management and Insurance – Protect Your Family’s Future
  4. Consumer Protection – Balancing Rights and Responsibilities.