Simple Ways to Make More Money

Simple Ways to Make More Moneyby John Gitau

Whether you are employed, doing business, unemployed or in school, there is room to make more money if you follow the simple techniques shared in this book.

This guidebook is about making more money using simple techniques. Everybody, whether employed, doing business, unemployed or in school can make more money since they have the requisite tools; which are the brain, mind and ability to act. The brain is as good as the knowledge of how to use it. The same applies to the mind. Taking action is as fast and effective as the desire and Will behind it. Clearly, the best desire advocated is that for money and more of it. Lukewarm desire for money results to having less than is needed and wanted, itself a very undesirable state of living.

You will learn among other things:
� The principles of money
� The business value chain model
� The money value chain
� How to make money from others
� How to tweak money making systems and mechanisms
� The money value chain tools

The breadth and depth of knowledge shared mirrors skills that can only make you take guided actions resulting to making more money.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre
Nairobi Kenya