Personal Money Management



Some people earn less money but manage it well. Others earn more and are ever low in liquidity. Is poor
money management as a result of low income, lack of knowledge and skills or basically a poor attitude
towards money?
This training addresses money management in a different way than is common in literature. While it
gives the respective underlying knowledge, it places great importance on attitude. The training covers
the entire spectrum of money management.
Training Outline:

1. Goals setting and Goal achieving

 Be, do, have
 Sub- goals
 The BIG goal
 Goal achieving
 Resources and action

2. Earning – How to set up multiple sources of income

 How to increase income
 Setting sources of income
 The power of leverage- time and networks
 Money tracks – fats and rat race
 Principles of money

3. Value spending – getting more from your money

 Budgeting
 Value spending

 Assets and liabilities
 Giving and the power of leverage

4. The art of pleasurable saving

 The rules of saving
 Types of saving
 How to accelerate saving
 Associative conditioning in saving
 Saving – scarcity or abundance?

5. Smart and secure investing

 Objectives of investing
 Factors influencing the investor.
 Investment areas and vehicles
 The mind that sees opportunities
 Building wealth

6. Borrowing and debt management

 When do you borrow?
 How much do you borrow and where?
 Debt management and allocation
 How to get out of debt

7. Financial services and Insurance

 Banks and financial institutions
 How to evaluate financial services
 Types of insurance products
 Money transfer services
 Financial negotiation

Training outcomes

1. Staff will understand money better in order to respect and use it prudently.
2. Staff will learn how to leverage their money in investment
3. Staff will learn how to take care of the company’s financial resources
4. With improved liquidity, staff will be happier at work

This is a 2 day training. It is best delivered in house and to small groups of 20 learners.
Charges are Ksh 70,000 per group per day as training fees. Training material costs and meals are
provided by the client. A free copy of a guide book “ How to See money Making Opportunities” will be
given to each staff member attending the training.
A free introductory presentation can be made to the HR department staff for 30 minutes where two
preferred topics are chosen from the basket of training topics above.


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