Personal staff mentorship


A mentorship program for staff of organizations


This is a one-on-one mentorship sessions with staff of organizations on personal development, financial
welfare and empowerment. During these private sessions, staff will be able to share personal challenges
facing them and affecting their work and life in general. They will be encouraged to open up on their
personal financial management, asking for guidance where need be. The individualized mentoring will
bring out common issues facing staff that will be packaged into group training programs where staff
with similar issues can be trained together in short training sessions of two hours. Such tailor made
courses will revolve around:

1. Motivation at Work

 Self Concept
 Employment as business
 How to handle co workers and management

2. Personal Development

 Goals setting and achieving
 Taking action
 Consciousness
 Goal consciousness
 Situational consciousness
 Money consciousness

3. Financial Welfare and Empowerment

 Earning, budgeting and spending
 Business and Investing
 Financial wellbeing.



Allowing and opportunity to staff to vent and have a competent and experienced outsider guide
them. This is in-house help touching on their personal welfare and will result to motivation.
This intervention will have a direct benefit to an organization in having happier and more focused
and motivated staff.

The mentorship is structured in three levels:
Level 1: One- on-one session with individual staff lasting 30 minutes to determine mentorship needs.
Level 2: A second one-on-one follow up session with individual staff to discuss solutions and define
action plans. This would take one hour.
Level 3: Group staff training sessions based on common interests as defined in the first level. The
training session will take 2 hours in groups of 10 to 15 staff members.
Level 1 sessions will be charged ksh 500 per individual staff member
Level 2 sessions will be charged ksh 1,000 per individual staff member
Level 3 training sessions will be charged ksh 2,000 per individual staff member


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