The Process of Success

The Process of Successby John Gitau

Success is made much easier by the freedom of defining it. However, each success follows 4 simple steps.
This guidebook discusses the four steps that every success follows. Many people follow the steps without knowing and achieve success. It is the writer’s view that the knowledge of the four steps will enhance success leading to understanding. We implement what we understand better and faster. Time is the most limited resource we have and to accomplish more as measure of success we need to understand the necessary processes.

You will understand the following herein:
• The meaning of success
• The learning process
• Thinking as defining and creating
• Emotions and feelings as success fuel
• The Will as the compelling force
• Action as receiving

If you do not succeed henceforth in your set goals, it will not be because you lack knowledge and guidance. With no excuse, you have no choice but to succeed. We celebrate your success already!