The Rich, Fair & Generous God

The Rich, Fair & Generous Godby John Gitau

Learn why you shouldn’t blame anybody fro your money problems. God has already given all the riches you ever want.

This guidebook is not about religion or spiritualism. It is an attempt to see man’s state as he lives in the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. It is addressed to the critical minds that are receptive to different perspectives from what is generally known and accepted. You can call it a guide to perspectives on living on the earth plane and how to get what one wants.

In radical perspectives, the guidebook aims to shatter the myths of riches and poverty and propagate the philosophy that God wants everybody to be rich as he has given everything and continues to create through himself. The writer does not mind the perspective that says it is a sin to be poor. Indeed, nobody should be poor.

Blame yourself if you are unable to tap the ever present stream of resources around you, including money. But not to leave you without a solution, the insights herein will jump start you to the journey of acquiring all that you want on this earth.


You will learn among other things

  • An estimate understanding of God’s essence
  • The Soul, Spirit and body
  • The meaning of reigion
  • The importance of prayer and gratitude
  • The principle of abundance
  • Why the clergy are getting rich
  • The Heaven and Hell perspective

Learn and start living God, live and law


Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre