Why Employment is the Best Businessby John Gitau

Learn why you are better employed than running your own business.

This guidebook contains knowledge that is transformational. A lot has been written about starting, owning and running your own business. But is it a red herring thrown across your trail? It is true that you as a business owner can make a hell lot of money. But so can your employees. And you don’t need to show them how since they already know. If you find the ideas herein strange and intriguing, it is because it is a test to the common perspectives in this area of study. After reading, you will realize how powerful and rewarding employment is, financially and otherwise.

You will learn among other things

  • Education cost as a low investment denominator
  • How labour takes the cream of business profits
  • The magic of employed/investor model
  • Know your employment category
  • How to be happy at work

Start your own business at your own risk of having to work for your employees, you as the business owner and them as investors of labor earning more than you do.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Centre