Why Working Hard is Hard Workby John Gitau

Learn why the majority work hard with dismal results on their goals while a few work smart and get what they want beyond measure.

This guidebook contains perspective that will challenge your normal habitual thinking and awaken you to a different type of thinking and awaken you to a different type of thinking and action taking. You have heard a lot about working hard but has anyone told you that working hard is hard work and that it is based on ignorance of the laws of working smart? Here is a chance to challenge yourself. It is never too late to start working smart, as results will be fast and rewarding.

You will learn among other things

  • The myth about working hard
  • The process of learning how to work smart
  • What constitutes working hard and working smart
  • The different types of actions
  • How to make accurate actions

Most people don’t succeed because they do not know how to succeed. Learn from this guidebook how to act and you will have opened yourself to success beyond measure in whatever area of your desire.

Published by Kenya Financial Education Center