Young Enterpreneurs


A training course for young entrepreneurs


Many young people are venturing into business. They join the market place sometimes inadequately
equipped with the necessary skills for enterprise development and management. And even when they
succeed and make money from their businesses, they make mistakes in money management and
investing. This is a one day boost course to these young entrepreneurs to share insights on money,
investing and entrepreneurship

1. Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Definition and clarity
  • What entails a good business
  • How to enter into business
  • Business plan writing and importance
  • What you need for growth and sustenance of your business
  • Qualities and habits you need to succeed in business
  • Building wealth and enjoying it, without “stealing” from the business.

2. TIME – GOAL Consciousness

  • Time consciousness
  • BIG GOAL versus sub – goal
  • Consciousness
  • Goal consciousness
  • Situational consciousness
  • Money consciousness

3. The Art of Making Money

  • Types of opportunities
  • Developing the mind to see opportunities
  • Business based opportunities.

4. Smart Investing

  • Understanding factors that influence investment decisions.
  • Types of investment
  • Evaluating investments.
  •  Investment goals.
  • Levels of investments.

5. Personal money management

  • Understanding types and levels of income
  • Value spending
  • How to preserve money for wealth
  • Investing and creating money
  • How to get out of debt


1. Awareness of challenges that entrepreneurs encounter and knowledge on how to overcome them.
2. Goals setting and follow through in line with making money and managing it prudently.
3. Investment evaluation skills and how to manage investments for wealth building

This is one day intensive training incorporating practical examples to help fast learning and absorption
of insights. The course will run as a public forum with target quorum of 30 young entrepreneurs.
Charges are Ksh 5,000 per person and covers teas and lunch.

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